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De Proportionibus

by Benedict Slotte

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    Proportiones absconditae (video version)
    A visualization of the size of the known universe (video)
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Slow waves 07:28
Glacies 09:11
Contentio 06:15
Nam cur tam variae res possent esse, requiro, ex uno si sunt igni puroque creatae? Propterea fit uti magnum volgata per aevom omnigenus coetus et motus experiundo tandem conveniant ea quae coniecta repente magnarum rerum fiunt exordia saepe, terrai maris et caeli generisque animantum. (From Titus Lucretius Carus: De rerum natura) For how, I ask, can things so varied be, if formed of fire, single and pure? Because of this it comes to pass that those primordials, diffused far and wide through mighty aeons, the while they unions try, and motions too, of every kind, meet at the last amain, and so become oft the commencements fit of mighty things: earth, sea, and sky, and race of living creatures. (Translation by W. E. Leonard)
Universe 09:51 video


(Please note caution below.)

If you like dynamics and spaciousness with occasional very low bass as an added bonus, this album is for you. While this music may be classified as a combination of electronic ambient and contemporary classical, its often much higher dynamics sets it very clearly apart from typical ambient in its usual sense. But what this music certainly does have in common with ambient is a spacious sound. It is also good for enjoying a high-quality sound system.

While this is mainly an audio album, there are also two video tracks included in the bonus material.

As the title "De proportionibus" (Lat. "On proportions") indicates, the album explores the concept of proportions in various ways. Most of the music is performed on Haken Continuum synthesizers. The Haken Continuum is one of the most expressive synthesizers ever built.

The booklet (included in the bonus material) contains detailed information about each track.

CAUTION: Since this album does NOT have compressed dynamics, be prepared for occasional (and sometimes sudden) loud passages, and play it loud enough while still protecting your hearing... and loudspeakers. A subwoofer is highly recommended, because several pieces on this album will make good use of it. There are tracks that include frequencies down to 16 Hz.


Addendum about the 2021 remixed / remastered version

The most dramatic improvement has been made to the piece Requiro, whose choir sound has been entirely replaced. The piece Proportiones absconditae (including its bonus video version) has been balanced a bit better for headphone listening while still respecting the highly essential stereo image of the original. Other pieces have changed only subtly. A couple of details in the remaining part of the booklet have been changed to reflect the 2021 version.


released October 4, 2020


all rights reserved



Benedict Slotte Finland

Specialist in areas of acoustics, doing artistic things on the side. Specialties: choir singing, overtone singing, synthesizers (mainly Haken Continuum), sound design, sound synthesis, photography.

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